Managing high blood pressure

High blood pressure can damage vessels in the body as the heart pumps blood furiously through the arteries. It is distressing for the person experiencing the condition and can result in long-term damage to their health. Proper treatment for the condition depends on various factors such as the severity of the illness or the person’s risk of developing a stroke. There are always home remedies for high blood pressure patients to follow to control their state. Some of these are mentioned below:


Working out regularly for about thirty to sixty minutes can help lower your blood pressure by 4 to 9 mmHg. Consult with your doctor about the routines that are safe for you to adopt.

DASH diet

The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet includes eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts, and low-fat dairy products. Abandon products which contain saturated fats and reduce dessert intake as well.

Forget the salt

Sodium is known to elevate blood pressure because after consuming it, the body begins to retain fluid. Reducing your intake of salt will, therefore, be helpful towards lowering your blood pressure. You can replace the salt in your food with other spices and herbs to enhance the flavor. Also, look out for processed foods as they tend to have high amounts of sodium.

Say no to smoking

After every cigarette you smoke, your blood pressure is bound to stay elevated for a few minutes unless you happen to be a heavy smoker, in which case the pressure will stay high for prolonged periods of time. Therefore, if you smoke, it’s better to quit. Those of you who don’t smoke need to be vigilant too because even second-hand smoke can be detrimental to your blood pressure.

These remedies, although helpful, cannot be considered as alternatives to medical treatment in any way. Consult your doctor before trying anything on your own.

How to Tackle Mycobacterium Tuberculosis?

Even today in the world of antibiotics and vaccines, tuberculosis remains one of the biggest deadly and infectious diseases in humans. It’s caused by an infection-causing microbe called mycobacterium tuberculosis. This bacteria specifically needs an aerobic condition to survive, which explains why its only hosts are humans.

Although it’s commonly believed that this bacteria originated a million years ago and is embedded in the soil, the most common modern cause is aerosol sprays. These sprays give the ideal environment for these bacteria to thrive in.

The mycobacterium tuberculosis is inhaled by the person and it’s ready to affect the lungs if your immune system is unable to fight back. This means that for you to be infected by tuberculosis, not only does it need to enter your body, but it also has to defeat your immune system. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is naturally a slow-growing bacteria, so it is usually made inactive by the action of your immune system and just stays in your body in its dormant state. It barely has any symptoms and is nothing to be worried about. In fact, millions of people are infected by it. Who knows, you might be one of them?

Unfortunately, if your immune system is defeated by the bacteria, you are in huge trouble. This can happen due to many reasons. You might be suffering from HIV, you may refuse to put that cigarette down, or it might just be your bad luck.


Please stay cautious and get help as soon as possible:

  • If you start having trouble breathing
  • If you start experiencing chest pain
  • If you feel fatigue after just walking around
  • If you start coughing violently constantly and may even see blood spots every time you cough

There’s a chance that getting help at an early stage will stop the disease from spreading to the other organs. Once your medication starts, be consistent and take them the same time every day. Don’t skip even a single day and complete the entire course. I would suggest keeping a pill organizer. I know it can be hard to struggle in such situations, but do it because it is worth it. Let’s fight a deadly disease like tuberculosis together and live a healthy life.

Top Secrets to Stay Fit

6 tips to stay fit

Have you ever been to the Olympics or watch the athletes on TV? Have you wondered how they stay fit? What is the reason behind their fitness? What do they do to stay fit, healthy and active? Here are a few fitness secrets to stay healthy taken from Olympic athletes.

Proper Diet

To stay fit like an Olympic athlete, you should eat breakfast which has complex proteins. Furthermore, you should eat every three to four hours. Also, eat within one and a half hour of workouts.

Stay Hydrated

If you ask an athlete how to stay fit, most probably he will answer by telling you to drink a lot of water and protein fluids.


You will not stay healthy without having a proper sleep. Sleep for at least eight to ten hours a day. It is not necessary to sleep ten hours at night; you can sleep seven or eight hours at night and two or three hours during the day.

Mental Preparation

Olympic athletes do not just exercise; they also spend a lot of time to prepare for doing the workout and exercise. They are mentally ready to work out and set goals which they achieve at any cost.

Hire a Trainer

If you wish to stay fit and healthy like an Olympic athlete, it is a must to hire a fitnesstrainer. These trainers are experts and understand your body. A coach can not only help you know what exercise to do but also prepare a schedule and make sure that you follow it.

Exercise Early

To stay fit, it is important that you exercise during the early morning hours. The secret to an athlete’s fit body is that he trains and works out mostly during the early hours of the day.